Waste Transportation

You need to move your waste. And we have the fully permitted fleet to make it happen—including bulk tankers for both RCRA hazardous and non-hazardous wastes and trailers in a variety of sizes. We also offer specialty equipment, like turbo vacuum tankers, dry vacs, roll-off boxes, and much more. 

Our Process 

  • Understand the materials
    • We assign the right equipment for packaging requirements and DOT regulations.
  • Schedule Pickup
    • We provide an LTL for dedicated pickups when you need it.
  • Transport back to Chemtron TSDF
    • We pack and label all materials according to DOT and compatibility guidelines for receipt at our TSDF.

What We do:

  • We offer a variety of transportation and equipment options:
    • 53’ van trailers
    • Bulk tankers
    • Box trucks
    • Vacuum tankers (turbo and non-turbo)
    • Rails and more
  • We manage all hazard classes.
    • We have the permits and the experience to transport even the most sensitive/hazardous wastes safely and properly.
  • We’re safe, responsive, and thorough
    • Strict adherence to all EPA, DOT, and OSHA regulations
    • 24-hour emergency response services
    • Acceptance of over 540 permitted RCRA waste codes
    • Unparalleled experience through industry tenure
    • Promotion of chemical safety with best management practices

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