Lab Packing

With our experience and highly trained team, we can manage just about any project including highly hazardous stabilization.

Our Process 

  • Identify and Inventory
    • Our technicians will assist with identifying all materials for safety, packing and quoting purposes.
  • Prep and Pack
    • All materials will be packed and labeled according to DOT and compatibility guidelines.
  • Transport and Dispose
    • We transport materials to our TSDF for final disposition under the highest standards of practice.

What We do:

  • We offer complete turnkey services
    • From the moment we take inventory, your waste is our responsibility—not yours.
  • We handle all chemicals
    • Yes, even those deemed “untouchable” by most companies—including unknowns, explosives, water and air reactives, pyrophoric, shock sensitive, radioactives, cylinders, and many more.
  • We are safe, responsive and thorough
    • Strict adherence to all EPA, DOT, and OSHA regulations
    • 24-hour emergency response services
    • Acceptance of over 540 permitted RCRA waste codes
    • Unparalleled experience and highly trained technicians
    • Total chemical safety by implementing the best management practices

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