Hazardous Waste Disposal Services

Our fully permitted Part B Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility located in Avon, OH is capable of accepting over 540 hazardous waste codes. We offer an array of services including fuel blending, incineration, recycling, and treatment. Our facility accepts and processes waste that ships in bulk from (tankers, dump trailers, rolloff boxes, sludge boxes) as well as in containers (drums and totes).


  • We offer a large acceptance criteria.
    • We can accept up to 540 different rcra codes and all non-rcra materials.
  • We reuse when possible.
    • We help you cut cost by reusing a wide range of solvents and corrosives within our process.
  • We offer waste-to-energy programs.
    • Our capabilities allow us to engineer a bulk blend that encompasses almost any non-RCRA waste—helping you save cost.
  • We can meet all lab packing needs.
    • With our experience and highly trained team, we can manage just about any project including highly hazardous stabilization.
  • We manage pharmaceuticals.
    • We have the knowledge and expertise to manage all pharmaceuticals including controlled substances.
  • We can handle emergencies.
    • Thanks to a few unique assets, we can respond to almost any spill immediately.

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