What We Do

Vexor Technology™ is a zero-discharge facility, meaning all waste processed is shipped off site for final disposal. We offer a wide range of service options to handle various waste streams, including landfill disposal, recycling, product destruction, transfer services, Waste-to-energy, and Vexor Engineered Fuel®. Our innovative solutions are driven by our commitment to meet customer needs as well as protect the environment. We work with each customer individually to handle unique or difficult disposal needs. Some of our case studies show the challenges our customer had and the solution and benefit we provide them with.

Vexor Engineered Fuel® is a manufactured product with a commercial application utilized as a coal substitute in a combustion unit where coal is burned. Learn more.

Product destruction is one of the most significant challenges manufacturers face finding a cost-effective and secure disposal option for consumer waste products. Learn more.

Offering several unique options to meet your recycling needs and will work with your company to recover recyclable materials through customized programs and solutions. Learn more.

We can prepare certain non-hazardous waste streams into material that is acceptable for burning at waste-to-energy incinerators. Learn more.

We have developed advanced equipment to handle any non-hazardous waste material in any type of container safely and efficiently. Learn more