Vexor Handles 134 Trucks for Recall

Vexor Technology was given the opportunity to handle a 134-truckload destruction project, stemming from a product recall, from one of the world’s largest manufacturers of branded consumer lawn and garden products. Through our industry leading approach to liability reduction and customized client support, we could properly receive, destroy, and dispose of this sensitive material in a manner that protected the brand security and long-term integrity of the manufacturer.

With our client facing a hard deadline and a relatively short period of time to react, they turned to us for answers. Vexor quickly developed a custom plan to complete the project within a 3.5-week time period. Whether it be customizing an approach to deal with the logistics of limited dock hours on the clients end to expanding our hours of operations to handle the influx of a project of this magnitude at our facility, Vexor proved again why we are the foremost provider of product destruction services. Our customer service and operations teams coordinated all tasks involved in this process, including but not limited to preparing all required documentation, arranging transportation and shipments, and providing fast and secure destruction services.

Once shipments arrived, a photograph was taken of the unbroken seal to verify the shipment was received intact and then again before the truck was unloaded. At each stage of processing, from receiving to disposal, every container was tracked in our waste management system.

Vexor has a strong commitment to its customers, providing extra, personalized attention to ensure the job is made easy and done right. Our personal touch and dedication to secure services are the reasons why this customer, and many others, put their trust in Vexor to handle their sensitive product destructions campaigns.

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