Lawn & Garden

Company Profile

One of the world’s largest lawn and garden product manufacturers.

  • Various product categories and top brands.
  • Corporate sustainability initiatives.
  • Worldwide operations.

Business Situation (The Challenge)

Global lawn and garden consumer product manufacturer was seeking a single-source, waste management service provider that had technical expertise, security, logistical/geographic coverage capabilities, and dedicated customer service. It required a service partner to meet the waste management needs of 20 distribution centers and multiple manufacturing facilities throughout the United States under a multi-year national contract.


Vexor Technology was awarded the service agreement based on our innovative approach to liability reduction and customized client support. Our solutions included:

  • Dedicated corporate account manager.
  • Waste profiles for individual sites.
  • All shipping documents (manifests & labels).
  • Nationwide network of transportation companies.
  • Secure destruction services for brand security.
  • Corporate and FDA witness destruction.
  • Shipments tracking reports for regulatory reporting purposes.
  • Certificate of destruction.


Vexor Technology provided this industry leader with a customized program to reduce its liability by preventing the illegal resale of its products. No longer bothered with the troublesome task of arranging shipments, preparing documentation and brand security concerns, the company now could just make one call and have the confidence the job was done right.