Beauty Care

Company Profile

A leading manufacturer of beauty care products implemented an aggressive corporate sustainability program focused on eliminating landfill use.

  • Products include anti-perspirants/deodorants, hand and body lotions, facial care products, and professional haircare products.
  • Operations in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.
  • $700 million in global revenue.
  • 30,00 employees worldwide.

Business Situation (The Challenge)

The company required secure destruction services for one-million pounds of off-spec product. It was seeking a landfill avoidance option that would enable it to meet corporate sustainability initiatives, while reducing its overall carbon footprint.

More specifically, the company needed to move 25 truckloads in a three-day period, from distribution center to a disposal facility. A certificate of destruction was required for all shipments.

The Solution

Vexor Technology provided a single-source solution to both the company’s transportation and product destruction needs. Our services included:

  • Complete brand protection.
  • Reduction of liability.
  • Destroyed product has no route of re-entry to the marketplace.
  • 24-hour video surveillance and barcode tracking for peace of mind.
  • True zero-landfill option to meet corporate sustainability program initiatives.
  • Scheduled sealed trucks to move entire inventory quickly and efficiently within specified time frame.


Vexor Technology protected the company’s brand image while providing it with a cost-effective waste management solution. The solution combined security with the long-term liability reduction of Vexor Engineered Fuel®.