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Announcing new partnerships to our innovative waste solutions and services that will deliver quantifiable sustainable benefits to our clients across... Read More

Press Release

Chemtron Corporation Expands into Western New York with its Acquisition of Tonawanda Environmental Corporation New York, NY – Chemtron Corporation... Read More


Are you a retailer or consumer of hand sanitizer? Did you know the FDA has recently and continues to recall... Read More


The plastic waste problem often focuses on reducing the volume of single-use plastic packaging items such as bags, bottles, tubs... Read More

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Chemtron Corporation expands its sustainable environmental and alternative energy solutions with the acquisition of Vexor Technology, LLC June 10th, 2020... Read More

Generator Outreach Program

Vexor Technology’s Generator Outreach Program trains and educates generators and brokers who ship non-hazardous waste to our facility for processing.... Read More

Fuel For Diversion

Vexor Technology uses difficult-to-recycle commodities to create an engineered fuel that replaces conventional coal used in the lime, cement and... Read More