New equipment up and running at Vexor Technology

Vexor Technology named its sustainability initiative a movement because we knew that innovation and change had to lead us if we wanted to continue to lead the alternative fuel market. Based on those principles we have invested more time and money into our Vexor Engineered Fuel® program and we are very excited to announce an upgrade to our plant equipment. This new equipment used to make Vexor Engineered Fuel® is up and running and exceeding our expectations. In addition to the equipment, we expanded our facility to include a new storage building for housing our fuel to ensure its quality.

Not only has this investment improved our productivity of fuel per hour, but the new equipment also gives us the opportunity to use a wider range of materials that otherwise would have been rejected due to size restrictions. As a customer, this means you now have more options regarding product disposal. We will be revisiting all material that may now have the potential of fitting into our fuel program.  We will also be following up with customers to provide more literature to educate you on our updates. If you would like more information about Vexor Engineered Fuel® or to see if your material would be a candidate, please contact us at 877-721-9773 or fill out our contact us form.

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