Who We Are

Vexor Technology™ was founded in Medina, Ohio in 1999 and began operations as a non-hazardous waste treatment facility. At the time the company was founded, there was a big concern about brownfields and potential long-term liability for improper disposal of materials. Vexor’s objective was to provide non-hazardous waste disposal services so that all customers knew where their waste went and how it was being disposed of to minimize long-term liability.

Vexor™ understood that certain industrial materials like carbon black, inks, sludges and oily absorbents had a high-BTU value and a potential for being a fuel supplement. Vexor’s first venture into engineered fuel began in early 2006 in Dorchester, South Carolina, where the company produced engineered fuel for Holcim Cement’s Holly Hill facility. That operation was a tremendous success and Holcim Cement bought the operation in late 2007. Vexor continued producing engineered fuel at its Medina, OH location.

Today, Vexor offers sustainable solutions for low value, difficult to recycle commodities such as plastics, paper, cardboard and synthetic fiber material. These materials are blended with non-hazardous, high BTU industrial wastes to produce a high quality, engineered fuel which can be used as a clean burning alternative to coal.

Continuous Development

Vexor Technology is currently exploring every inbound waste stream to be able to present our customers with a variety of sustainability options. This multi-level sustainability program, called the Vexor Positive Effect Sustainability Movement, allows customers to decide how sustainable they want their company to be. We are always changing to keep up with the demands of our customers and offering them new and innovative solutions.

Consulting Services

At Vexor, we are using new methods to make you, our customer, more sustainable and to help you meet company-wide initiatives. In pursuit of this, we offer our customers technical consulting services, which utilize our strong knowledge and understanding in the field of alternative fuels and recycling processes. We meet with you and tour your facility to see what byproducts are produced, we then, provide advice on how these byproducts can be incorporated into Vexor’s sustainability program. This includes identifying material that can be processed into Vexor Engineered Fuel®

Vexor Technology also offers a technical consulting service concerning research and development in formulating alternative fuel sources. After 5 successful years of producing mixed waste blends for waste-to-energy fuel, we were approached by a cement company to produce a solid non-hazardous fuel for a pre-calciner kiln. Since 2008, Vexor Technology has been designing facility platforms and equipment for different market areas matching types of waste supplies for Vexor Engineered Fuel® with the many types of industrial applications.

Sustainability Through Innovation

In addition to establishing sustainability solutions for others, Vexor Technology focuses on making our company more sustainable. We have assembled an environmental strategy that is reflected on all levels of our company.