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Our Mission

Vexor’s™ mission is to develop economically viable recycling and treatment solutions to create a better environment for future generations.  By providing world class customer service and a rewarding workplace to our associates, we generate value for our shareholders and assist our customers with their environmental and sustainability goals.


Vexor Technology™ prides itself on offering customized, cost-effective, environmentally sound disposal options for our customers. Through these ideals, we have created the Vexor™ Positive Effect Sustainability Movement, which offers customers a wide range of various sustainability options. From our Vexor Engineered Fuel® program to waste-to-energy to our advanced recycling solutions, there is a solution for every company concerned with protecting our environment.


Vexor™ is committed to being recognized as the premier provider of fuels engineered for the thermal substitution of fossil fuels, together with complementary environmental solutions. Vexor™ will utilize innovative applications of leading technologies, apply best management practices to operate safely and in compliance, and set the industry standard for customer service and associate satisfaction.

Benefits Achieved From Our Waste-to-Energy Program

Megawatts of Energy Produced From Waste
Number of Homes Powered Annually from Waste-to-Energy
Barrels of Oil Saved Annually